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Space Industry in Luxembourg

Space Industry in Luxembourg 

The space industry is a  key high-tech sector for Luxembourg. SES, the world’s leading satellite group, was established in Luxembourg in 1985 to provide the pioneering satellite communication services for which it has since become renowned throughout Europe and around the world.

Luxembourg’s business development policy, constantly seeking to diversify and innovate, resulted in a significant concentration of dynamic space-related companies in the Grand Duchy. Many highly advanced technology companies now operate in the space sector of Luxembourg, such as Euro-Composites, Gradel, Hitec Luxembourg and LuxSpace to name but a few.

The research driven University of Luxembourg, as well as theLuxembourg Institute of Science and Technology boost and foster R&D activities in Luxembourg and encourage technical and scientific cooperation as well as technology transfer between the public and private sectors.

Official member of the European Space Agency (ESA) since 2005, Luxembourg provides excellent financial, operational and intellectual support and infrastructures in order to help Luxembourg-based companies and research organisations gain access to innovation within the space sector. Luxinnovation is the National Contact Point for ESA collaborations and encourages innovative activities and collaboration within European research programmes through the Luxembourg Space Cluster.

In 2005, GLAE (Groupement luxembourgeois de l’aéronautique et de l’espace), an industry group for the aeronautic and space industry, was constituted. Members include all the leading companies in the space sector in Luxembourg. GLAE offers Luxembourg’s companies the opportunity to create synergies and partnerships at the national and European level for both the private and the public sector. Yves ELSEN, president of GLAE and of the Luxembourg Space Cluster, explains: “GLAE and its members are convinced that the space sector can contribute to national competitiveness objectives and further the diversification of the economy.”

GLAE, constituted within the Luxembourg Federation of Employers FEDIL, has the objective of providing a permanent link between its members, advising them and defending their shared professional, economic and social interests by all means deemed appropriate at a national and international level. GLAE seeks to be the interlocutor of the Government for addressing all questions in relation to initiatives taken by the authorities in the framework of ESA programmes and establishment of a space policy in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.