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New companies needs to find accommodation suitable to their needs. Incubators provide the appropriate support and advice to new projects facilitating their development and growth. They also serve as relay-centres offering a temporary location to foreign companies setting up their business in Luxembourg. 

Incubation offers numerous advantages:

  • receiving support from the initial idea to business establishment during a preparatory phase - the "pre-incubation"
  • having access to advantageous renting terms for a limited period of time
  • benefiting from personalised support (visits at regular intervals, tailored services, etc.)
  • participating in networks (actions to encourage communication between hosted companies, organisation of events on site, etc.)
  • giving exposure to the business (media coverage of hosted companies, press coverage, representation at fairs)
  • benefiting from training sessions intended for entrepreneurs as well as employees

In order to be admitted to an incubator, the project must be innovative and preferably oriented towards technological development. It must also be based on a solid business plan. 

The incubators Ecostart Enterprise and Innovation Centres and Technoport, as well as the Hosingen relay centre "Op der Hei", have been established in Luxembourg in order to accommodate innovative enterprises. An additional support structure for high-tech companies is currently foreseen within the framework of the future City of Sciences, Research and Innovation in Belval-Ouest.


>>> Ecostart Enterprise and Innovation Centres

The Ministry of the Economy and Foreign Trade offers support services to innovative businesses in Luxembourg by making facilities available to innovative start-ups. The project is also part of the government plan concerning the “Cité des Sciences, de la Recherche et de l'Innovation” for high-tech companies at Belval-Ouest where an additional business and innovation centre is already in an advanced planning stage.


The mission of the Ecostart Enterprise and Innovation Centres is twofold:

  • To support Luxembourg promoters of innovative projects in their initial stage and to provide them with active guidance until their start-up stage;
  • To provide temporary accommodation (relay-centre) for domestic and foreign businesses at their development stage, seeking to establish a temporary foothold in Luxembourg.


The Ecostart Centres offer their services to the following types of actors and companies:

  • young innovative entrepreneurs;
  • technology based companies already at a start-up stage;
  • innovative companies seeking to establish a temporary foothold for their operation in Luxembourg.

Forms and Terms of Support

The Ecostart Centres offer an extensive range of facilities and services to the companies they host. They provide companies with the following facilities located in Foetz, in the south of Luxembourg:

  • 1,600 m2 of office space;
  • 6,300 m2 for assembly and production activities (initial-prototype or small-factory workshop).

The Centres also offer individual support services provided by Luxinnovation for the setting-up of business plans as well as for a personalised follow-up of the start-ups.


>>> Technoport® - Technology-based business incubator

Technoport® aims to promote and support the creation and development of technology-based and innovative companies in Luxembourg through the provision of strategic support and an infrastructure suitable for the stage of the firm's development.

Technoport® offers 3 coaching programmes to project holders and entrepreneurs:

  • "Challenge your idea", which aims at completing a business plan, implementing a feasibility study or validating the (proof of concept of a company. This programme includes individual coaching and a complete office structure for a period of 4 months, free of charge for the future entrepreneur.
  • "Launch your business" aims at giving the company the best possible start in terms of services, networks and infrastructure by locating it in a professional environment.
  • "Grow your company": reserved for companies which have successfully left the incubator, this programme focuses on the growth and development phase.

The programmes combine a variety of resources:

  • Tailor-made services: individual coaching, thematic workshops
  • Access to partner networks: internal and external, national and international, private and public
  • A social and professional environment favouring the exchange of experiences with other entrepreneurs
  • Modern IT infrastructure and office facilities, offering better visibility and external recognition

The Technoport® activity is based on a significant network of technology-based companies in Luxembourg since 1998. The incubator also benefits from an international recognition through its active participation in European and International networks. Situated in Esch-sur-Alzette, Technoport is an initiative of CRP Henri Tudor.

Technoport is also a Network Partner of the Microsoft BizSpark and SUN Start-up Essentials programmes. These programmes aim to accelerate the development of IT start-ups. They provide quick and affordable access to development tools, platform technologies and production licenses, as well as hosting solutions and strategic advice.

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